QDC23BG Two-position and Three-way Solenoid Valve


QDC23BG t two-position and three-way solenoid valve is used as a closing control component in the vacuum circuit breaker system of locomotives.


The valve is installed at between the air-cylinder and drive-cylinder. When need to turn on the circuit breaker, the solenoid is power-on to open the gas path. After closing of the breaker ,it is power-off to close the gas path.


  1. TDV10A、TDV10 vertical vacuum circuit breakers
  2. The locomotive types: HXD1D(160km locomotive)、HXD1G、HXD3C、HXD3D etc.

Technical Data


Nominal Diameter Φ20 mm
Operating Pressure 0.24 ~ 1.0 MPa
Air Terminal Air inlet pipe thread G1/2,Air outletΦ19mm
Protection Class IP65
Rated Voltage DC 12 V
 Instantaneous working voltage range DC10.2V ~23V
Coil Resistance 13Ω±8%
Connection type DIN43650A
Lifetime ≥600,000 times
Working temperature -40℃~ +70℃
Working humidity ≤95%
Applicable Medium Clean and Dry Non-corrosive Compressed Gas




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