Corporate culture

Enterprise Spirit

Harmony Hard work Initiative Innovation

Our Vision:Worldwide Brand Evergreen Enterprise

We spent about 10 years reaching the top position of our domestic market of our industry, but we also will spend a hundred years to exploit the international market and make Andaxing a high-tech enterprise who satisfy the customer demands and provide first-class smart components of high-voltage power transmission and distribution. Andaxing people set sights on sharing dreams, inheriting cultures and all determined to make Andaxing stand firmly in the world smart electric and equipments industry.

Share the core values with employees

Fun games

Operation philosophy

Enterprise Purpose

Provide customers with high-quality products and whole-hearted services in a flexible, effective, considerate, and thoughtful way

Increase the values for customers and be nice to customers

Create a firm stage for employees to realize the value of their life
Great Virtue Contribution to Society Justice and Benefit Sustainable Development

Entertaining Performances


Prizes and Awards

Outing Activities

  • Core Values:
    Great Virtue Contribution to Society Justice and Benefit Sustainable Development
  • Operation Philosophy:
    Technology-led, Quality- oriented, Business Integrity, Customer First
  • Enterprise Spirit:
    Harmony Hard work Initiative Innovation
  • Development Strategy:
    Scientific decisions Diversified businesses Socialized shares International markets
  • Business Objective:
    Making competitive products in national industrial brand
  • Service Philosophy:
    Flexible and effective Considerate and thoughtful Increase values and nice to customers
  • Market Concept:
    We believe that only integrity business can survive in the ruthless market, thus we insist on being honest. Meanwhile, we also insist on making decisions with priorities and carrying on exploiting and consolidating at the same time.
  • Talent Philosophy:
    Talents are the driving power for development
  • Quality Philosophy:
    Based on quality Win by quantity
  • Quality Policy:
    Comply with the laws and regulations Meet customers’ needs