Welfare system

I. Social Insurance
According to the state and local regulations, Andaxing purchases the insurances for our employees, including endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, medical insurance and maternity insurance.

II. Vacations
1. In order to help our employees to keep a good balance of their work and life, Andaxing provides many vacations for our employees, like statutory holidays, wedding vacation, funeral leave and maternity leave etc. Please see “Andaxing Personnel Rules and Regulations” for more details.
2. The company also provides the paid yearly vacation for our employees. The employees who have worked in company for more than one year, they can enjoy 5 days of paid yearly vacation; the ones who have worked for more than 10 years can enjoy 10 days of paid yearly vacations; the longer you worked for the company, the more days you will enjoy for your paid yearly vacation.

III. Providing accommodation and shuttle bus for our employees
In order to release the employees from rush hours, the company provides the shuttle bus for those who live far away from workplace and provide the dormitories for the single staff (dormitories are all equipped with the TVs, air conditions and hot water etc.)

Ⅳ. Training
Internal Training: the company will select the lecturers and hold the technical training for employees from different positions.
External Training: the company also provides the external training chances for the employees to get more professional skills.

Ⅴ. Subsidies
The company provides many kinds of subsidies for employees such as high temperature subsidy, travel allowance, telephone charges allowance and birthday gifts etc.

Ⅵ. Providing Lunch
The company has its own canteen and cooks, which makes sure that the dinners are healthy and makes it convenient for employees to have lunches.

Ⅶ. Recreation facilities
The company has multi-function rooms for watching movies, ping-pong tables and billiards room for employees to relax themselves.

Ⅷ. Activity
The company holds all kinds of activities yearly, such as year-end banquet, Mid-Autumn mooncake gambling (It’s actually not gambling. It’s a game to win the gifts by playing dice to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Day), Women Day’s activity and other competitive races etc.

About Andaxing

Founded in 1999, Andaxing group now has more than 500 employees and 6 subsidiary companies located in Fujian Province, Anhui Province and Shanghai City with a total registered capital of more than 80 million RMB. The company is selected as the “high and new tech enterprise” in Xiamen City by national Ministry of Science and Technology (More)