QDC23AG Two-position and Three-way Solenoid Valve


QDC23AG two-position and three-way solenoid valve is used as a closing control component in the vacuum circuit breaker system of locomotives.


The valve is installed at between the air-cylinder and drive-cylinder. When need to turn on the circuit breaker, the solenoid is power-on to open the gas path. After closing of the breaker ,it is power-off to close the gas path.


  1. N99 series of vacuum circuit breakers
  2. The locomotive types: HXD1、 HXD1B、HXD1C、HXD3B、 CRH3, Kazakhstan locomotives, Malaysia bullet trains, DC bus(like SS3B、SS4G、SS4B etc. ), locomotive of plateau, the domestic locomotives like “Iron Eight”, “Gold Eight”, ”Gold Twelve”


Technical Data

Nominal Diameter Φ20 mm
Operating Pressure 0.24 ~ 1.0 MPa
Air Terminal Φ19mm
Protection Class IP65
Rated Voltage DC 12 V
 Instantaneous working voltage range DC10.2V ~23V
Coil Resistance 11Ω±8%
Connection type F0T fixed wiring mode
Lifetime ≥300,000 times
Working temperature -40℃~ +70℃
Working humidity ≤95%
Applicable Medium Clean and Dry Non-corrosive Compressed Gas


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