Alpha-1106 Single Beam Visible Spectrophotometer



Alpha-1106 visible spectrophotometer is widely used in the research and production of various areas like organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, food inspection, medicine and hygiene, environmental protection, bioscience etc. The instrument can meet different kinds of testing requirements.



Alpha-1106 is a non-scanning spectrophotometer which has the same design with the scanning one and also it is produced and tested according to the same procedures and standards with the scanning one. This kind of spectrophotometer is quite popular with the users because of its good performance and lower price.

With latest optical and electronic technologies, we improve the traditional optical structure of the instrument. Key components such as deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp, holographic grating and detector are all imported from famous brands abroad. The surfaces of optical mirrors are protected with a film of SiO2 and the monochromator is completely sealed, which make the instrument stable and reliable for a long time. What’s more, the instrument can function with an ultra-low stray light of 0.05%T and high stability and repeatability.

For wavelength accuracy and reliability, the wavelength driving structure is the same type of the lead screw driving which is only used for the scanning high-end instruments. Therefore, the wavelength resolution can be 0.1nm and it will be easy to upgrade it into a scanning-type model.



High automated functions of self-checking, correcting and resetting make the maintenance easy, operation stable, and the testing data accurate.

High resolution large screen graphic LCD display with abundant instructions, drop-down menu and prompt functions make it easy to use.

Complete data analysis functions: Basic photometric mode, quantitative test, Kinetics test etc.

Basic photometric mode: The absorbance and transmittance of the samples can be tested at the specified wavelength.

Quantitative test: automatically create the standard curve, alternative fitting and correction methods-single wavelength method, dual wavelength method and three point method. Standard curve data savings.

Kinetics analysis: Enzyme reaction rate calculation for Kinetics.

Memory function: Up to 1000 test data can be saved in local memory. USB port and computer data processing functions.

Printing: Built in thermal printer output data and curves.

LSI’s Windows-based PC application software provides more features.


Alpha-1106 Specifications

Wavelength Range 325-1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth 2nm/4nm(optional)
Optical System Single beam, Littrow, Grating 1200 line/mm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.8nm
Wavelength Repeatability ±0.3nm
Wavelength Resolution 0.1nm
Photometric Range -0.3 to 3A ;  0-200%T;  -9999 to 9999C
Photometric Accuracy ±0.002A(0~0.5A);±0.004A(0.5~1A) ;±0.008A(1~2A);±0.3%T(0~100%T)
Photometric Repeatability ±0.001A(0~0.5A);±0.002A(0.5~1A);±0.004A(1~2A);±0.15%T(0~100%T)
Stray Light ≤0.05%T
Baseline flatness ±0.002A
Stability ±0.002A/hr @500nm ,0A
Data Output 128×64 graphics display LCD screen
built-in printer optional
USB port optional
Slave USB Connecting to computer optional
Size 569x 448×203 mm
Weight 12kg



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