LXZK2 Split Core Current Transformer

LXZK series split core current transformer is suitable for measurement of primary current , or for protection of electrical equipments such as microcomputer in 10KV and 35KV AC power distribution networks. It is widely used in fully insulated ring network switchgears such as ABB-Safe Ring/Safe Plus…and cable distribution boxes. The transformer can be directly installed at the inlet and outlet of the GIS or AIS cables. The semicircular ring core and secondary windings are vacuum poured by insulated resin. This CT is also used for signal acquisition for RTU or FTU.


Product function

  • Split core type structure, which can be installed without changing cables
  • High-quality epoxy resin vacuum casting, excellent mechanical and environmental resistance
  • High-quality stainless steel clamp hoop fastening structure, easy and reliable installation
  • Output terminal type, more concise wiring
  • Single winding protection current transformer


Dimensions (D×d×H) 166mm×110mm×100mm
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated secondary current 5A
Rated burden ≤2.5VA
Applicable cable outer diameter ≤φ110mm
Rated primary current range 100A
Dielectric strength AC3000V,1min
Rated continuous overcurrent 120% of rated current
Polarity and homonym P2 represents the primary polarity terminal,

S1, S2 represent the secondary polarity end,

P2 and S2 have the same polarity (-polarity) at the same instant

Working environment Temperature -25℃~40℃
Humidity ≤90%
Altitude ≤1000m



Model LXZK2
Accuracy class & Rated burden(VA) Accuracy class & Rated burden(VA)
Type Current transformer for protection Current transformer for measurement
Current rating
5P10 10P10 0.5 1.0 3
20/1 1
50/1 1 1.5
75/1 1.5 2.5
100/1 2.5 3.75
150/1 2.5 5
50/5 1
75/5 1 1.5
100/5 1.5 2.5
150/5 2.5 3.75