Overhead short-circuit and earth-fault indicator



Overhead short-circuit and earth-fault indicator is used to monitor the circuit operation, fault condition and the circuit parameters. It is an smart digital management system used in power transmission line maintenance with the functions of distributive monitoring, centralized management and instant alarming. The system consists of 3 line fault monitors, a fault data acquisition terminal and a monitoring center. In this system, 3 line fault monitors are installed on each power line (such as branching points, places with high occurrence frequency of faults and cable joints) to real-time monitor the power line operation. Anytime when there is a short circuit line fault, earth fault, line off, stealing happens, the monitoring center will alarm in 10 seconds and send the alert message to the operators’ cell phones. The system can also monitor and display the change of the load current and temperature. With this system, the operators can monitor the remote line operation inside the doors.

Main Features 

1. For on-line monitoring of short circuit fault, earth fault, over current, line off, stealing, load current, default phase, power off, power transmission status, live line indication, user boundary fault terminal, real-time line data acquisition, and so on.
2. Monitoring load current of the power line, and display the current change curve on the system center.
3. Temperature monitoring of overhead power lines, cable lines and terminals

4.The hardware and software with functions of bidirectional transmission, operators can review the latest data on computer at the administration room.
5.Monitoring the power line other parameters, according to customer’s requirements.
6.Remote metering, remote measurement, remote data acquisition and remote control functions.


一、Short circuit fault indication

From above diagram, we can easily find out that there is a short circuit fault at the D point of the line 2# by phase B and phase C, since the indicators 2,5,8 and 3,6,9 are indicating fault status but the indicators 11,12 are keeping the normal status.

Earth fault indication

From above diagram, we can easily find out that there is a grounding fault at the D point of the line 2# by phase C, since the indicators 3,6,9 are indicating earth fault status but the indicator 12 is keeping the normal status.

Mobile phone message

Real time fault status display on mobile phone

Technical Data


Model FYJ-II
Voltage Level U≥6kV
Conductor Diameter 16mm≤d≤400mm
Reset Time 10S  6H/12H/24H/36H
Life time ≥3000 times
Response Time 0.06S≤t≤3S
Features Remote short circuit and earth fault indication
Weight 520g
Rated Voltage 3.6-40.5kV
Rated Current 3150A



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