3-40.5kV Live Voltage Indicating System for Cubicles—DXN5-T


VPIS for M.V. cubicles (switchgear)
DXN series of voltage presence indicating system (VPIS) indicates the voltage presence on M.V. cubicles by being installed on the capacitive dividers.


Product Features

  • 3-phase live-voltage indicating system
  • Can work with phase comparator for phase checking
  • Have the function of overvoltage protection
  • Maximum loading current: 50A
  • With self-locking terminals (self-locking force > 5KG)
  • Wide-range 3kV- 40.5kV
  • Working frequency 50/60Hz
  • Threshold values for voltage presence indication: U>0.45 x Unmin
  • Threshold values for voltage absence indication: U<0.10 x Unmax
  • Threshold values for over-voltage protection: <0.30 x Unmin
  • Divider capacitance 18pF or be specified by buyer
  • Temperature range -25°C to +40°C
  • Insulation strength: AC 2kV, 1min
  • Product dimensions (W×H×D) 130x28x52mm


Technical Parameter

Executive Standard IEC61958-2000
Working Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Nominal Voltage 3-6kV
Divider Capacitance 18pF, or customized by buyers
Threshold Values for Voltage Presence Indication U>0.45 x Unmin
Threshold Values for Voltage Absence Indication U<0.10 x Unmax
Threshold Values for Over-voltage Protection U<0.30 x Unmin
Working Temperature -25℃ – +40℃
Working Humidity <95%
Insulation Strength 2kV,1min
Protection Level IP20
Overall Dimension (WxHxD) 130x28x52 mm
Mounting Dimension (WxHxD) 105x22x48.5 mm
(The distance between two screw holes is 120 mm)
Shielded Cable Length Type A: L1=960mm; L2=1070mm; L3=1180mm, or customized by buyers




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