3-40.5kV High Voltage Indicator DXN15-Q


VPIS for M.V. cubicles (switchgear)
DXN series of voltage presence indicating system (VPIS) indicates the voltage presence on M.V. cubicles by being installed on the capacitive dividers. DXN15-Q display body can be replaced under voltage presence for easy maintenance.


The live voltage indicator (POTENTIAL INDICATOR) can also output interlocking signal to the electromagnetic lock to automatically lock up the switch handle for preventing mis-operation or locking out people from entering into the charged areas.


Product Features

  • 3-phase live-voltage indicating system
  • Interlocking indication by relay signal output for auto lockout with electromagnetic lock
  • Can work with phase comparator for phase checking
  • With self-checking button and LED power supply indicator
  • Wide-range 3kV- 40.5kV
  • Working frequency 50/60Hz
  • Threshold values for voltage presence indication: U>0.40 x Un
  • Threshold values for voltage absence indication: U<0.15 x Un
  • Threshold values for over-voltage protection: <0.30 x Un
  • Divider capacitance 14pF or be specified by buyer
  • Temperature range -25°C to +40°C
  • Insulation strength: AC 2kV, 1min
  • Product dimensions (L×W×D) 95x46x130mm
  • Display body can be replaced under voltage presence for easy maintenance


Technical Parameters


Executive Standard GB_25081-2010
Working Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Nominal Voltage 3-3.6kV
Divider Capacitance 14pF,or customized by buyers
Threshold Values for Voltage Presence Indication U>0.40 x Unmin
Threshold Values for Voltage Absence indication U<0.15 x Unmin
Threshold Values for Over-voltage Protection U<0.30 x Unmin
Contact Capacity of Relay Maximum Switching Voltage 250V
Persistent Current 16A
Auxiliary Power Supply AC/DC 24-230V
Working Temperature -25℃-+40℃
Working Humidity <95%
Insulation Strength 2kV,1min
Overall Dimension (WxHxD) 95x46x130mm
Mounting Dimension (WxHxD) Panel window size 92x45mm

Recommended depth 130mm

Shielded Cable Length 2M,or customized by buyers






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