Alpha-1860S Single/Split beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer


Alpha-1860S Single/Split beam UV/Visible spectrophotometer with Variable Spectral bandwidth


  • With embedded computer and optimized optical system,convenient and easy to use
  • 320×240 dots array large screen graphic LCD display with abundant but simple instructions,and curve and table directly displayed on screen
  • Basic photometric mode、Quantitative analysis、Qualitative analysis、Kinetics test、DNA/Protein Test and Multi-wavelength are available
  • Alternative fitting and correction methods for Quantitative analysis
  • Re-scaling axes、curve smoothing,combination,zooming and overlap 、1st to 4st derivative for Qualitative analysis
  • Enzyme reaction rate calculation for Kinetics
  • Data output by optional built-in thermal printer ;
  • Up to 1000 test data can be saved in local memory
  • Optional ADX’s Windows®-based PC application software provides more features.



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