Conductive Bearing Model 745033




Conductive Bearing Model 745033


Inductive bearing is an important part of HV disconnector, which may be applied in HV electrical equipments of eletric power transmission and converting system, to ensure reliable on-off actions of disconnector. Also it can effectively carry heavy current and block low current and shunt current (loop current), thus it is easy to operate the disconnectors.


High- voltage disconnector is used in the high-voltage distribution system to isolate the parts which need to be power off from the live parts to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. The country requires mandatorily that the disconnetor must be mounted in the HV electrical equipment to guarantee the safety of operators and equipments.


In a word, conductive bearing is the most reliable and secure choice, and the product has passed the type test from China Electric Power Research Institute.


  • Compact and novel construction, utility model patent
  • Good seal, inductive part is immune to outside environment
  • Self-lubricating, maintenance-free, long-term operating
  • Current conduction inside the bearing, stable and reliable



GB/T 11022 “Common technical requirements for high-voltage switchgear”

GB/T 311.2 ” High voltage test techniques

GB/T 13601 “Operating tests under severe ice conditions for high-voltage switchgear


Model Used for Application mode Loop Resistance Rated Current Rated Voltage Rated Load Temperature Rise
745033 VKSBIII horizontally telescopic type ≤30μΩ 2000A 245~550KV 1kN ≤75K
743015 VKSBIII horizontally telescopic type ≤30μΩ 2000A 245~550KV 1kN ≤75K
745035 GSSB Scissor type ≤60μΩ 900A 123~550KV 1kN ≤75K
743016 GSSB Scissor type ≤30μΩ 900A 123~550KV 1kN ≤75K
627176 SSBII centrally disconnecting type ≤9μΩ 3150A 72.5~420KV 3kN ≤75K