Motorized operating mechanisms AD DC 4 – I / AC220


Motorized operating mechanisms AD DC 4 – I / AC220

In general

ADDC series of motorized operating mechanisms can be used in various M.V. switchgears and ring main units. It can store  energy for make-and-break of circuit breakers with motorized functionality. The system consists of motor, gear driving device, control unit and wire plug-in unit.

  • Remote/local switching and local make-and-break of switches
  • local and remote indication of the status of load switches, earth switches and fuses
  • Plug-in type of wiring makes it easy for on-site installation



AD DC 2 – A/ AC220

AD—Andaxing products

DC– motorized operating mechanisms

4—design number

I– applicable module

AC220—rated voltage


Technical Data

ADDC4 series are applicable for modules of Schneider SM6 & SC6 cabinets.The main components are all from international famous brands and the structural parts are all made of superior materials. This series of products have been supplied to ABB for a long time.


Application area

ADDC4-Q:Be applicable for the QM Cabinet of Schneider SM6 & SC6

ADDC4-I: Be applicable for the IM Cabinet of Schneider SM6 & SC6


Application example

ADDC4-I motorized operating mechanism is used in the IM cabinet of Schneider SM6 & SC6 series.


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